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Effective 25 May, 2018

This privacy policy applies to:

Clear Reports Limited
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Clear Reports Limited (“ClearReports”, “we”, “us”, “our”) provides solutions for digital marketers. This Privacy Policy is provided to help you understand how we process end user data on behalf of our clients who use the ClearReports platform. It does not state the use practices or policies of our clients, of the websites or apps on which ads are shown, or of other parties.

ClearReports and our clients care about how end user data is collected, used, and shared. We are a “data processor” that collects and analyses end user data at the specific request of our clients, the “data controllers”. This Privacy Policy relates solely to our ClearReports product.


What Is ClearReports And Why Do Our Clients Use Our Platform?

ClearReports is a digital marketing tracking and attribution platform, used by agencies, affiliate networks and advertisers to measure the performance of their digital marketing campaigns.

Our clients determine the data that they provide to and collect through ClearReports. Clients’ use, collection, exportation, or any other use of end user data, including the use of the ClearReports platform, is governed by their own privacy policies and applicable laws, rules, or regulations.

How Do Clients Collect User Information Using The ClearReports Platform?

At the direction of our clients, who act as data controllers, ClearReports collects the following types of information from Users to help clients optimise and measure their digital marketing campaigns:

Clients can also choose to view and measure information provided by other third-party sources in the ClearReports platform. Those sources may include: Advertisers, Partners, analytics partners, or any other third party platform that our clients have integrated with.

Clients own the data that they provide to and collect through ClearReports. When clients remove or export their data from the ClearReports platform, their use of data is governed by their own privacy policies and applicable laws, rules, or regulations. ClearReports serves as a data processor, acting at the direction of our data controller clients.

How Do Clients Use ClearReports To Collect Information From Users?

Clients use ClearReports for pixel or postback tracking to collect information about Users.

Pixel tracking (also called “cookie-based tracking”) methods store a ClearReports session identifier in a user’s browser cookie on click.

In postback tracking (also called “server-side tracking”), ClearReports directly sends a session identifier to the advertiser on click.

On conversion, the advertiser then communicates that identifier to ClearReports for validation.

With any of the mentioned methods, when an end user clicks on an advertisement, goes to a specific web page or mobile app action that a Client chooses to monitor, ClearReports collects information from the User’s computer or device, including but not limited to IP address.

How Do Clients Use ClearReports To Process Information From End Users?

What Information Does ClearReports Collect From Clients?

Signing up as a Client requires setting up a ClearReports account. To do this, we will need contact details – including mailing and/or billing address, email address, and company name. Clients will also need to provide a user name and password to set up a ClearReports account. Please note that ClearReports treats all Client contact details as confidential business information that will only be used to service Client accounts and respond to Client inquiries in accordance with a contractual agreement or applicable agreement by and between the parties.

Can Users Disable Cookie Tracking Through ClearReports?

End users can disable cookies in most internet browsers. Disabling cookies will not, however, stop receipt of all advertisements. If an end user would like to opt out of a particular advertiser’s ads, they will need to contact those companies directly to enquire whether they have an opt-out option.

How Does ClearReports Adhere to GDPR Principles?

ClearReports serves as a data processor under the GDPR, and adheres to the principles and rules of the GDPR. Specifically, ClearReports implements privacy by design and default principles, adheres to incident response norms, allows for appropriate third party audits, ensures data is only transferred internationally with a lawful basis, only contracts with subprocessors with adequate written commitments to data processing, respects data subject rights, and does not process sensitive personal data.


ClearReports uses commercially reasonable efforts including a variety of security technologies and procedures to secure client and end user data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Unsolicited E-mail (SPAM)

ClearReports does not send any unsolicited e-mails. If our clients are found to be sending unsolicited e-mails that are tracked by our software and include our web address ( we will take action and may disable their account with immediate effect. Please contact us using the information below if you suspect that an email tracked by ClearReports is unsolicited e-mail.

What Happens If This Privacy Statement Is Changed?

ClearReports may find it necessary to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Please check this Privacy Policy, as any changes will be posted on this site.

Questions About This Privacy Policy?

If you have an unresolved privacy or data use concern that a ClearReports client or ClearReports has not addressed satisfactorily, please contact us using the information below.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, or would like more information on our privacy practices, please contact us at:

Clear Reports Limited
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